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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The Concordia Parish School Board seeks to encourage students to develop a degree of self-discipline required for learning and for career development.  Although the ultimate responsibility for student conduct rests with the student and his parents, it is the daily responsibility of school personnel to see that no single person interferes with the total learning environment of other students.  While the school is concerned with the individual and his welfare, it must also be concerned with the group and their welfare by preserving the proper atmosphere for teaching and learning.  The school ultimately endeavors to provide a safe and learning conducive environment for its students and teachers, and prepare alternative students to conduct themselves in the same like manner upon return to the regular environment.


To provide an alternative education for students and to maintain an environment that will enhance academics, life skills, and employability.


The Concordia Parish Education Center will:
  • Address each student as a unique individual and provide instructions that will meet individual differences.
  • Provide students with academic courses that will enable them to acquire academic and life skills so they may become positive, contributing members of society.
  • Provide opportunity for referred suspended students to modify their conduct, with the expectation they will return to and remain in their regular educational program.


The objectives of the Concordia Parish Education Center are:
  • To utilize diagnostic tests, CAI (computer aided instruction), and individualized activities as a means of assessing individual needs.
  • To provide approved learning experiences in academic areas, at each grade level (4th-12th), according to the state’s standards.
  • To decrease the number or recurrent suspensions among elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.